Considering An American Standard Bathtub?

American standard is not just the standard in America but world wide. Founded in 1875 as The Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, in just 54 years was the world’s biggest producer of bathroom fittings. They then changed their name after a merger with the American Radiator Company in the same year. Since 1967 when the company’s name was officially changed, American Standard has been a name known the whole globe over.

Why We Started Thinking About A New Bathtub

In about 1986, we had a daughter living with us and also we had just had a newborn, and we needed to do something with our living quarters. We had to expand it, and we finally concluded that it would be best to have a nice extension. My business was at the time doing great and the price tag for the construction was close to $51,000. Our priority was to find the best available construction company. So, I was thinking I had this one well covered as I chose a member of the sports club I belonged to. That was my error.

I was let down badly and I failed to get what was expected. Nonetheless, a fella with just a monkey wrench, a blow torch and some copper pipe appeared. He saved the day and the standard of his workmanship was superb. Furthermore, he was very professional and amicable.

If there is something you are able to take from this unpleasant experience, its to spend a little time looking for a dependable plumber close to you. Fortunately, I’ll mention some things to do to make certain you never run into the problems that I did.

Never Again

First of all, do not organize everything by yourself. This is particularly important when considering plumbing tradesmen. If you do not have knowledge about hiring and firing worksmen, then don’t try to do this part on your own.

Secondly, conduct the homework. This means check with folks in your neighborhood or maybe in the cafes you visit. Don’t forget to consult with co-workers and family as well. They might be able to inform you where to look to find top notch workmen.

Finally, you should always get several estimates from potential plumbers. Try not to simply go with the least expensive quote because this is not always the cleverest move. Furthermore, it may possibly lead to something dreadful. If you carry out your research and obtain estimates, then you will be alright.

Then We Found American Standard

Known for their quality and affordability, American Standard has revolutionized the bathroom world. The center of each bathroom being the bathtub, American Standard can meet any individual’s desire. With the ability to match your wanted decor with hundreds or colors to order from. The American Standard bathtub lineup has colors from soft and gentle to warm and appealing, even the bold stand out colors are available.

Also offering many different types of bathtub styles American Standard can fulfill your bathtub desires. If you desire a step back in time bathroom then a remake of the clawfoot bathtub will do best. Even to the super ritzy black contemporary type of bathtub they have that too.

Being a Multi-national company American Standard has even been in the forefront of design. Due to the needs of customers being different from the smaller slim bathtub better suited to crowded city apartments, or European living. To the Corner tub helping to maximize the area in any bathroom anywhere.

American Standard even offers therapeutic style bathtubs like an air massage tub. Or a backrest style giving more support for those in need like their elderly customers. American Standard is still setting the standard of living. Be well and be clean, I’m off to take a bath myself.

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