Schedule Furnace Service Every Year

When it comes to maintenance and furnace service Vancouver we advise that you have it scheduled every year, or at the very least every second year. If you leave it beyond that length of time you are risking inefficiencies and breakdown issues. When things start to break down on a forced air furnace it can actually emit toxic gas, detrimental to your health. It is imperative that you get it serviced regularly.


Furnace Service Overview

A qualified heating serviceman should work on your system, someone trained in the technical aspects of today’s high efficiency furnaces and older out-of-date furnaces. Repairs, cleaning and simple tune ups will then be done according to manufacturers specs. You can feel comfortable knowing your furnace will be working at peak efficiency once again.

Time to Upgrade?

If a new furnace is something you must consider, a good technician will do the math and recommend the best appliance for your needs. You need to consider square footage and the number of people in your home to determine the size and capacity of a new installation. Too small and it will be overworked, too big and expenses get out of hand.

Whether your home is heated by an older forced air furnace or a new high efficiency model, regular furnace service is the key to warmth, safety and lower operating costs.

Funny Furnace Service Video

Furnace Service Options

Of course you know your furnace should be inspected each fall. Look for a company that offers complete furnace service contracts with affordable monthly payments, or can at least do the servicing once so you can get a feel for their customer care policies. Your peace of mind is assured as any deficiency will be repaired when a good company calls. Regular furnace cleaning will cost you less over time than replacement due to neglect, or even intermittent repair work.

Comprehensive Services

During the annual visit, the gas technicians should inspect your furnace, including such things as the blower motor, belts and pulleys, control circuits and switches, the burner assembly, flue and safety components. A new air filter should be installed and any deficiencies will be shown to you along with a quote for furnace repair if needed. In most cases they should have the parts on hand.

Early detection and repair of problems with heating systems can help avoid costly breakdowns which often occur during the coldest weather, when your home really needs to stay warm.